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Gone are the days of manual dosing, calibrating, measuring and calculating. The automed adapters allow you to administer medication through injection, drench, pour-on and intra-nasal automatically, accurately, and efficiently.

Once the adapter has been configured for a particular medication, the system will automatically recognize what medication is connected. This means you can automatically record medication delivery without the need for further manual entry.

automed livestock injection medication delivery


automed livestock oral and drench medication delivery


automed livestock pour-on medication delivery


automed livestock intranasal medication delivery


Covering all connections

Whether you prefer having a medication bottle connected directly to the device or a line feed connection, with automed you can seamlessly transition between the two. We’ve designed each adapter to give you everything you need to ensure the most effective medication delivery.

automed linefeed adapters

Line feed

automed bottle mount adapters

Bottle mount

From 0.1mL dose right through to 30mL plus

Our adapters range from 3mL to 30mL. Each adapter is configured to deliver a highly accurate dose, ensuring the animal receives the correct dose each and every time.

Every adapter can medicate multiple times per dose, enabling you to administer a dose higher than the volume of the adapter.



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There's a solution for every size operation

3ml Adapter

3ml Adapter with Bottle Mount

10ml Adapter

20ml Adapter