Automed Adapters

Automed Adapters

automed adapters have a new way to administer medication through injection, drench, pour-on or intra-nasal. In addition, when working in tandem with the automed delivery device, each adapter can administer up to two doses in one treatment, which means you can dose the same animal twice, doubling the adapter amount. Adapters come in sizes 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml. So you can deliver up to 40ml.  

automed adapters deliver the correct dose every time, automatically. Optimal medication is calculated by the device, for each animal, either by fixed dosage or weight-based. Configuring your adapter to a single drug prevents cross-contamination and protects your animal.  

 Hand-held without the Strain 

 Once you’ve configured the adapter for a specific medication, the system will recognize the drug you are administering. Prepare the medication and attach the automed system via automed’s bottle mount or line feed connections. With your animals well restrained, you’re ready to start medicating.  

Pulling the trigger on the automed device requires the power of only one finger, saving your hands from strain. After all, tired hands can accidentally deliver a lower dosage than needed. Plus, the automed device fits comfortably in your hand. Facilitating medication to your cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, aquaculture, or horses is made easy with the automed adapters. 

 Digital Records, Easy Auditing  

 All treatments administered will be recorded digitally, eliminating manual records. The automed device transmits the treatment information to the web portal and RFID readers or scale heads. Data recorded includes animal weight; ID; date and treatment time; medication; and user identity.  

 The automed device and adapters provide superior treatment delivery, fulfill your ergonomic and auditing needs, and manage multiple site inventories, a global first.  

 You will save money on wasted medication by automatically administering accurate dosage with the automed device and adapters through a consistent, self-adjusting delivery system. Medicating your animals will happen much quicker because the dosage speed is only 1.5 seconds. Healthy animals and a healthier bank balance will be the guaranteed result with automed adapters. 

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