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Device Serial Number

Uncover the unique identifier of your Automed delivery device by following these straightforward steps to easily locate its serial number, a critical detail for device registration and support.

How to Find Your Device Serial Number

Step 1: Start by ensuring the adapter is disconnected from the device and the battery is properly inserted. Then, pull the trigger to navigate through the menu until you reach the "System" option. Once you've selected it, hold down the trigger until the device emits a "Beep" confirming your selection.

Step 2: After entering the Systems menu, continue to pull the trigger to scroll through the options until you reach the "Serial Number" menu item.

Step 3: After selecting the "Serial Number" option, press and hold the trigger until you hear a "Beep" from the device, indicating your selection has been confirmed. 

After the device emits a beep, it will display the serial number of your device on the screen.

To exit the "Serial Number" screen, simply hold down the trigger, and the device will automatically return you to the main menu.

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