An open integration platform

From the very beginning, automed has been developed as an open system with a view towards easy integration with existing hardware and systems. automed is able to enhance partners’ products by expanding features and functionality, bridging gaps and reducing development resources.

automed is able to plug into existing management and equipment systems, adding value to those systems and for the customers that use them.

Cloud application management for platforms

A cloud to cloud platform enables external management systems the ability to pull and push data from automed, ensuring ease of use and better data access. automed helps you focus on what’s important by ensuring improved manageability and less maintenance.


Integrating hardware that counts

automed works with third party equipment manufacturers so you can use the automed system with your current hardware, primarily RFID Readers and Scale Heads.

Integration with automed hardware is done through the automed mobile application. The application sends and receives data from external hardware in order to carry out weight based dosing, identify animals, and record other information needed for a full treatment record.

Real time integration

automed works with partners to ensure that integrations are always quickly and successfully implemented. Communication and collaboration are intrinsic to the success of our integration partnerships.

automed Integrated Data Access (AIDA) provides an authenticated read/write interface to the automed treatment system, allowing other devices connected to the automed WiFi network to access and interact with the automed treatment system in a secure manner, with access rules and guidelines determined by automed.

Custom integration

The automed Enterprise package offers a custom integration, providing a simple, easy to use control system for your entire operation. Hardware and management systems have traditionally been separate, however with automed, these systems can communicate with one another, respond to and detect certain conditions, and be controlled both on and off-site.

Available Integrations

Integration with automed

automed has an open integration platform which allows management systems to easily create synchronization plugins. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative partnerships. If you're not sure whether your farm management system has already integrated with automed, contact us today!