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The automed application is the central control, synchronizing newly recorded data with the automed web portal. The app allows users to control, configure and manage the automed delivery device. The app has the extra feature of completely managing medication inventory and ensuring effective traceability between medication inventory and livestock. The app is available on Android devices.

automed Essentials is the base package required to use the automed system. It contains all of the necessary hardware to start treating livestock with accurate doses. 

The automed Enterprise subscription package is an add-on to automed Essentials, providing more advanced features, extra benefits, and the ability to scale automed to individual operations. 

Download more information about automed Essentials and Enterprise here.

automed records all of your medication treatment records

Complete medication and treatment recording

automed works online and offline

Works online and offline

automed wi-fi and bluetooth scales and rfid integration

Works with all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth scales and RFID readers

automed livestock medication delivery medication database

Built-in medication database

Increasing efficiency

The automed app seamlessly connects and interacts with the automed delivery device. The app continuously monitors and checks device health and performance. It also configures each automed adapter for medication delivery and management, ensuring that it’s working to its full potential.

automed application monitors the device performance

Performance monitoring

automed device control

Device control

automed adapter configuration

Adapter configuration

automed seamless connection

Seamless connection

Security in knowledge

Every user of the automed app has their own unique login with individual data and treatment records. Shining a new light on transparency and compliance, automed is proving it has never been easier to monitor events and processes, eliminating costly mistakes.

automed is a secure data capture and storing system

Secure data storage

automed is a multi user livestock management system

Unique user login

automed is a secure user specific system

User-specific records

automed the proactive resource

Proactive resource management

Connections that count

Using Bluetooth, the automed app connects to scale heads and RFID readers. This enables the app to automatically calculate accurate weight-based dosing as well as automatically record each animal’s electronic identification tag. The app sends data to the device, and each individual animal is assured a full treatment record the moment the treatment is administered.

automed bluetooth scales and rfid readers

Bluetooth connectivity

automed builtin RFID and EID tag Reader

EID tag recording

automed records all of your medication treatment records

Full treatment record

automed weight based dosing

Accurate weight based dosing

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