Series 3 – 3ml Intra Nasal Adapter

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The automed 3ml IntraNasal adapter has been specially designed for use with intranasal based medication. The adapter can apply up to a 3ml dose in one delivery and comes with a standard line feed connection and bottle mount connections.

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The automed Series 3 IntraNasal Adapter has been specially designed to work with the automed delivery device for nasal-based medication. The adapter has been designed as a line feed adapter with the ability to deliver a single intranasal delivery of up to 3ml at a time.

The intranasal delivery tip is designed by Prima Tech. The mist produced from the sprayer has applications ranging from nasal vaccines to topical application of medicines and anaesthetics.

The automed intranasal adapter is a great addition to the automed range of adapters and provides a dependable solution for operators delivering any type of nasal vaccine or intranasal based medication.

How do I clean my IntraNasal Adapter?

To clean and lubricate the IntraNasal Adapter you can use the cleaning and maintenance kit and the prime function built into the automed delivery device. To ensure this is done properly, please follow the instructions supplied with the cleaning and maintenance kit.

How do I use my IntraNasal Adapter?

To use the IntraNasal Adapter, you will need to connect your medication tube directly to the adapter, select the medication being used on your automed app and configure the adapter. Once configured you can finally prime the adapter to remove any air and then you are ready to go.

Is there anything I need to be careful of?

If you are using your adapter with live vaccines, make sure you use lubrication that is safe to use with live vaccines.

Can I get training?

The automed support team is always happy to help. We offer onsite paid training and support as well as free online training and support. If you would like training after you have purchased your adapter, please contact our support team to get your training organised.

Where do I find support documentation and help?

If you are looking for support documentation or help go to for more information.

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