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The automed Android Watch has been sourced to allow users the ability to conduct medical treatments on animals using the automed delivery device without the need to carry a mobile phone or tablet. This watch is an independent Android device that does not require a mobile phone to operate.

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The automed Android Watch has been sourced to provide users with the added ease and convenience of performing livestock treatments without the need of a mobile phone or tablet. The Android Watch is an independent device that does not require a mobile phone to operate.

The automed application within the watch interacts with the automed medication delivery device in the same way as a smartphone or tablet. A quick tap of the screen gives you access to all treatment information. In turn, the information is transferred to the web portal which can then be used within your existing management system. You’ll save time as you move from one animal to the next, easily administering doses, while the automed watch app automatically records the data.

The automed application controls, monitors and tracks all treatments. The app synchronises newly recorded data with the automed web portal, as the central control of your treatment system. The app connects via Bluetooth to the delivery device; recording the tag number and weight of each animal treated in addition to the treatment record.

How do I setup my automed Android Watch?

The Android Watch sets up the same way as an Android mobile phone or tablet. Use the watch to log into the Google Play store as you would on your mobile phone. Simply download and install the automed app, , log in with your details, and start using it. For more information visit

How do I charge my Android Watch

The automed Android Watch comes with a USB charger that plugs into a standard USB charger and clips onto the back of the watch. The watch will fully charge in around one hour.

Where do I find support documentation and help?

If you are looking for support documentation or help go to for more information.

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