AM05 Rechargeable Battery

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The AM05-B is a 14.4V LiPO replacement rechargeable battery that is designed for use with the AM05 automed delivery device. This battery can only be charged using the AM05 Charging Station.


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The AM05 automed battery is a rechargeable battery specially designed for the AM05 automed medication delivery device. The battery has been designed to allow the medication delivery device to run up to 8 hours depending on the medication being used.

How do I charge the automed battery?

To charge the AM05 battery, you need to use the AM05-C-XX Charging Station. This charging station has been specially designed to charge automed batteries and comes with in-built overcharge protection and battery monitoring. WARNING – DO not attempt to charge the AM05 battery with any other make of charger.

What type of battery is it?

The AM05 battery is a 14.4V LiPO battery. It is a high-performance battery designed to allow the automed medication delivery device to operate at optimal levels right up until the end of its charge.

How long does it take to charge?

The AM05 battery takes 40 to 60 minutes to charge. When receiving your new automed device, it may take up to 80 minutes to charge the batteries for the first time.

Are there any safety measures I need to be aware of?

Like any power source, you need to make sure that the battery connection on the battery unit is kept dry at all times. If your battery does get wet, starts to smoke, or gets hot – immediately place the battery outside on a concrete surface or bare ground immediately and create some distance between yourself and the battery. If the battery was smoking, wait until it has stopped smoking before you approach it.

Do not leave batteries near or on hot items such as heaters or open flames as this may cause damage to the batteries. It is also important not to leave the batteries in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Where do I find support documentation and help?

If you are looking for support documentation or help go to for more information.

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Charging Station

AM05-C-XX charging station


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