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$49.00 (USD) / month

The automed Enterprise System was developed to allow livestock operations of all sizes to implement medication compliance, inventory management and treatment records easily. Each Enterprise Subscription comes with two Enterprise Sites.


The automed Enterprise System has been developed for all types of livestock producers. The system enables operations to manage and record all inventory and treatment records.

What’s Included in automed Enterprise?

The automed Enterprise System includes all of the functionality needed to completely manage your onsite inventory and carry out treatments on animals. This system enables a single site operation and a large multi-site location to manage all aspects of medication use, reasons for treatments, user access and non-medication inventory items.


automed Enterprise System

Inventory Management

The inventory management system gives multisite locations the ability to monitor, manage and control all aspects of medication inventory as well as non-medication inventory items. The system allows you to automatically monitor inventory usage when integrated with the automed delivery system, transfer medication between sites, control what medication can be used at different sites, plus much more.

automed inventory management

Treatment Management

Treatment management in the enterprise system allows you to manually and automatically record all treatment records for both individual animals and groups of animals. The treatment system enables you to work seamlessly with the automed delivery system. The treatment system also has added features for users to automatically record reasons for treatments on the go through the automed mobile application

Site Management

With the Enterprise System, you can add as many Enterprise Sites as you need. When adding new sites to the Enterprise System, you will have the ability to control all aspects of the site including inventory management, user access and key site details.

A site is defined as a location where you store your medication and treat your livestock or just a location where you store your medication and ship it out to other sites. As an example, you may be processing animals in a set location or facility where you store and use your medication – this would be classed as a site.

Another example would be a larger operation where they have their own medication warehouse – this too can be classed as a site.

User Management

With the Enterprise System, user management is intuitive and easy. As a system administrator, you can create unlimited users for your entire operation and individual sites. These users can have their access limited to certain functions and specific sites.

Operating Systems

The automed applications have been developed to work on Android, iOS and Windows. The automed web portal is accessed through any standard internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Explorer, and Firefox.

For support, please go to support.automed.io for more information.

Additional information

Web Portal

Accessed online through any standard internet browser.

Application Platforms


Inventory Management

– Medication inventory management
– Non-Medication inventory management
– Automatic inventory reduction
– Inventory transfers
– Multi-Site inventory management

Treatment Records

– Individual treatments
– Group / Batch treatments
– Reason for treatments

Enterprise Sites

Includes 2 Sites and unlimited purchase for additional add-on Sites


– Unlimited number of users
– User profiles
– User access control and restrictions
– Multi-Site access management

Apps Included

automed Inventory Management
automed Treatment Management


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