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$10.00 (USD) / month

Need to add extra sites to your automed Enterprise subscription. The Enterprise Site add-on allows you add extra sites to your existing Enterprise Base subscription. You can add as many sites as you need.


Enterprise Site is an add-on that allows you to add another site to your existing enterprise account. With the automed Enterprise Base, you already get 2 sites included in your monthly subscription. To add additional sites, you will need to purchase additional Enterprise Sites.

How many Enterprise Sites can I add?

With the automed enterprise system you can purchase as many enterprise sites as you want. Each Enterprise Site purchased allows you to add an extra site to your existing Enterprise Base subscription.

What is an Enterprise site?

A site is defined as a location where you store your medication and treat your livestock or just a location where you store your medication and ship it out to other sites. As an example, you may be processing animals in a set location or facility where you store and use your medication – this would be classed as a site.

Another example would be a larger operation where they have their own medication warehouse – this too can be classed as a site.

How many sites do I need?

If you have an operation with 5 sites and you want all of these sites managed under one Enterprise account, you would need to purchase an additional 3 sites. The automed Enterprise Base subscription already comes with 2 additional sites included in your monthly subscription.

Can I remove sites?

If you need to remove sites from your Enterprise Base, you can easily switch off any additional Enterprise Site subscriptions whenever you want. You can do this through your online account. Note that data already captured from these sites will be securely stored so that when you reactivate the site, your data will still be there.

Can I get training?

The automed support team is always happy to help. We offer onsite paid training and support as well as free online training and support. If you would like training after you have purchased your adapter, please contact our support team to get your training organised.

Where do I find support documentation and help?

If you are looking for support documentation or help go to support.automed.io for more information.

Additional information


To add on additional sites the enterprise must have an existing Enterprise subscription.

Sites per Add-on

For each additional Enterprise site purchased this will enable you to add one more additional site.

Whats included

An Enterprise Site add-on includes all of the features and functions that you currently have with your Enterprise Base subscription.


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