A new era in livestock medication records

automed mobile livestock medication recording software

The automed web portal is the systems’ online central repository for all your animals treatment records. This not only allows you to securely store and manage your medication and inventory records, but also automatically synchronize with your other management and external systems.

automed complete user management

Complete user management

automed an open integration platform

Easy integration

automed global access

Accessible from remote locations

automed unlimited data storage

Unlimited data storage

Your ultimate cloud solution

By integrating internal and external data sources, the automed web portal is the ultimate operating platform. With it’s easy to use interface and unlimited data storage, you’ll always get accurate records in real time.

automed is a strong operating platform

Strong operating platform

automed customisable


automed is an ergonomic and user friendly

User friendly interface

Active user interaction

You're in control

With the automed web portal, we let you take control. Whether you have one site or 200, you can easily manage and monitor each site, view user records, inventory lists and transactions. The Enterprise Package also offers a full inventory management system.

automed full account access

Full user account management

automed is a secure network

Secure networks

automed remote medication monitoring and user management

Remote monitoring

automed inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

We want to see you grow

No matter the size of your operation, we’re here to help. The automed web portal gives you access to all the support that you need to succeed. Be it in the form of user guides,¬†support and troubleshooting documentation, articles or online forums, we’ll be there every step of the way. We can even come to you for on-site training and support.

automed complete support system and user manual

User manuals

automed online support

Web articles

automed support documentation

Support documentation

automed onsite training

On-site support and training

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There's a solution for every size operation


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