2006 - 2011

The development journey begins

the first automed units ever designed and developed

In NSW, Australia, the son of a pork producer and sheep grazier developed an idea for a solution to carry out weight based dosing. This initial idea sparked a journey that would see David Edwards develop one of the first ever weight based dosing systems for the livestock industry.

With the original concept focused mainly on the sheep industry, David worked on a solution that would work with an existing scale head and a power driven delivery device with an in-built RFID reader.

However this journey would not be easy. Even though David had a great vision, his first attempts produced a viable design but resulted in a product that was too expensive and ahead of its time.

Not discouraged by this, David decided to keep pursuing his idea until he found a viable solution that was more cost effective to produce.

2012 - 2013

A new company is formed

In 2012 a new company is formed called Davoodi. Which would latter be known as automed.

In September of 2012 David was faced with an unusual opportunity which allowed him to focus entirely on automed. Together with his wife, Samira Davoodi, he founded Davoodi Pty Ltd, later to be known as automed Pty Ltd.

David and Sami set out on the long journey of developing automed. During late 2012 to early 2013, David focused on completing the development of the first version of the automed system, and in early 2013 filed the first of many patents.

In March 2013, David presented the automed system to a major pharmaceutical company in Sydney. A senior veterinarian for the company commented to David, 'I don't think you realize what you have developed'. automed was first conceived as a weight based dosing system with little data recording to ensure the farmer was aware of which animals had been dosed, how large the dose was along with a record of their weight. This vet saw the value not in weight based dosing, but the automatic recording. These famous words proved to be a turning point for automed, and the focus of the company changed, enabling automed to become the first ever automatic medication delivery system with data recording.

In 2017, this veterinarian joined the automed team as their first non executive director.


Let the trials begin

in 2014 automed started its long road to trailing and getting the automed system ready for the market

With a complete change in focus in 2013, automed entered into 2014 with a new sense of purpose, and a drive like no other. With a new concept and the development of the split adapter system underway, automed's focus turned to two projects: a simple data capture application, and the hardware device.

One of the big advantages David had was his family's sheep farm. This allowed David to work closely with his brother Phillip Edwards, who became the first livestock producer to use automed in a commercial environment.

With the trials of the hardware underway, David was hard at work updating and fixing the design to get it commercially ready. The first units ever produced were 3D printed and successfully injected 4,500 animals.

These 3D printed units proved to be vital in the development process, as they allowed David to tweak the design and ensure proper ergonomics.


Commercial Release of automed

in 2015 automed completes its testing and development of the automed system and make it go commercial

In mid-2015, automed successfully completed its first batch of 10 units, ready for final trials and testing. With a successful trial and design assessment, the AM05-MD delivery device and adapter were ready for production.

During the last quarter of 2015, automed carried out its production setup of 100 units for its first commercial release.

An idea that started in 2006 had finally become a reality, with a release into the market in early 2016.


International award-winning system

in 2016 automed wins 7 awards both locally and internationally

2016 was a big year for automed as it not only launched into the Australian market but also saw automed sell its first units into the USA market, which in turn founded automed USA. Not only was 2016 a great year to release automed into the market but it also saw automed employ its first full time employees, plus gain international recognition both through distribution partners, customers and awards.

automed broke records by winning three awards at the 2016 National iAwards for Innovation in ICT: National Mobility Innovation of the Year, National Industrial & Primary Industries of the Year & Victorian Government Inspiration of the Year. This led them to take out the top award for Industry Application at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards in Taipei.


AIM - automed inventory management

in 2017 automed launches its automed inventory management system for the intensive industry

With over 150,000 doses successfully completed, an ever-growing customer base and increasing awareness of the importance of making medicating animals easier and more efficient, automed turns their attention to Inventory Management.