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3ml Bottle Mount Adapter

3ml Bottle Mount Adapter

3ml Bottle Mount Adapter

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The automed 3ml bottle mount injection and vaccination adapter is designed to deliver a dose as low as 0.1ml up to 3ml in a single delivery.

Dose & Medication Settings

Contains an inbuilt memory chip which can be configured to the dose, medication and treatment protocol required.

Inbuilt RFID Scanner

Both HDX and FDX low-frequency RFID tags can be scanned using automed's adapters which include an RFID reader.

Needle Compatibility

All standard lure lock needles ranging from 1/4" to 1 1/2" can be fitted to automed's injection adapters which include a protective needle guard for additional safety.

High Viscosity Medication

automed's adapters have been specifically designed to work with thick, high viscosity fluids, eliminating repetitive strain on users.

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