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Ergonomic Medication Delivery for Effective and Efficient Animal Health Management

AM05 - Pork Starter Kit - Automed

Revolutionize Your Livestock Medication Process

Discover the Automed Delivery Device: Precision, efficiency, and ease in livestock medication, boosting farm productivity and animal health.

What Advantages Does Automed Offer to Producers?

Discover how Automed enhances efficiency and accuracy in livestock management for producers.

How Easy Is It to Get Up and Running?

It's five simple steps

  • Remove from box
  • Insert battery
  • Attach adapter
  • Select dosage
  • Begin dosing

No need for apps, mobile phones, or internet connectivity.

Ready to Begin?

Your Complete Medication Delivery Starter Pack

Included in the starter kit are all essential components, including the device and a variety of adapters, ensuring a smooth setup and effortless medication delivery.

AM05 - Beef Starter Kit - Automed

AM05 - Starter Kit

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