What is automed?

automed is paving the way forward for livestock producers of all sizes. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. Powerful and easy to use, the automed system integrates easily with existing livestock tools and farm management systems. The automed device automatically calculates and delivers both fixed and weight based treatments simply by synchronizing with the automed app. Download our brochure here.

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automed medication delivery environment and treatment system

All treatment records are captured and securely synced with the automed cloud, allowing for easy access at any time via a handheld device, computer or watch. It’s never been easier.


Trusted by livestock producers from local operations to international enterprises.

International Award Winning System

automed has received international recognition and awards

automed wins ACT Export Awards

55th Australian Export Awards

automed wins Apicta award

International Winner APICTA Industry Application

automed wins national iAward

National Mobility Innovation of the Year Award

automed wins national iAward

National Industrial & Primary Industries of the Year Award

automed wins national iAward

Victorian Government of the Year Award

automed wins IAP Industrial Award

IAP Innovation Award

automed wins regional iAward

Mobility Innovation Of The Year Award

automed wins regional iAward

Industrial & Primary Industries Award