Set-and-Forget for Ease of Use

Automed offers a game-changing feature that will revolutionize your time efficiency and treatment accuracy. Our "Set-and-Forget" option is specifically designed for livestock producers who want consistent, accurate dosing when treating or vaccinating, but do not need to capture data.

Accurate dosing is critical for both cost efficiency and optimizing the health of animals. Overdosing is expensive and unfortunately quite common, especially with weight-based treatments. On the other hand, under-dosing often goes unnoticed and compromises the health of individual animals as well as the entire herd or group.


The benefits of "Set & Forget" extend beyond treatment accuracy and efficiency. It also provides a more comfortable work environment for your crews. Livestock operations have been growing in size, and as a result, repetitive strain injury (RSI) is becoming increasingly common. Manual dosing devices can strain your forearms over extended periods of use, leading to downtime or, even worse, under-dosing. With a “Set & Forget” enabled Automed device, the 500th treatment of the day is as effortless and accurate as the first.

One of the best aspects of "Set & Forget" is for ease of use. The dosing options are conveniently available on your Automed device when running our Retail firmware, eliminating the need for a mobile app or web portal. Whether “Set & Forget” becomes a permanent solution for your livestock operation or serves as a starting point, our customers always have the option to upgrade their Automed devices to our Enterprise solution if capturing and managing treatment data is important. 



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