How to Set a Manual Dose

Dive into the specifics of setting a manual dose on your Automed device with this guide, designed to provide you with a clear and straightforward approach to customizing medication dosages for your livestock.

How to set a manual dose

Step 1: Begin by inserting the battery into your Automed device and attaching an adapter. After the adapter is securely connected, activate the device by pulling the trigger until the "Configure" menu option appears on the screen.

Step 2: In the configure menu, choose the 'Manual' option, and then press and hold the trigger to enter the manual configuration mode.

Step 3: Pull the trigger once more until you hear a "Beep". After this, a screen will appear that enables you to set your manual dose rate.

Step 4: To set the manual dose, continue pulling the trigger until you reach the desired dose rate. Once you've selected the correct value, press and hold the trigger until the device emits a beep, confirming your selection. If you make an error, simply detach the adapter and start the process over. After the dose is set, the device will display the Start screen.

Step 5: Ensure your device is properly primed before moving forward. For instructions on how to do this, refer to our "How to Prime My Device" guide.



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