How to Adjust Delivery Speed

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to adjust the delivery speed of your AutoMed livestock medication device.

Pre-Adjustment Considerations for Your Automed Device

Before we dive into the process of adjusting your AutoMed livestock medication device, it's crucial to remember that reducing the delivery speed for dosages less than 0.5ml can significantly improve the accuracy of medication delivery, without impacting the overall speed at which each animal is processed.

Understanding When to Adjust the Speed of Your Automed Device

Knowing when to adjust the speed of your AutoMed livestock medication device is essential for optimal performance. The need for adjustment primarily arises in two scenarios.

  1. First, when you are administering doses smaller than 0.5ml, a slower delivery speed is recommended to enhance accuracy.
  2. Second, you might want to adjust the speed to reduce the flow rate of medication exiting the adapter. This adjustment ensures precise dosing and maintains the efficiency of your livestock medication process.

How to adjust the delivery speed

Step 1: Begin by inserting the battery into your AutoMed device and attaching an adapter. After the adapter is securely connected, activate the device by pulling the trigger until the "Other Settings" menu option appears on the screen.

Step 2: After accessing the "Other Settings" menu, continue by pulling the trigger once more until you reach the "Speed" menu option.

Step 3: Once the "Speed" menu is selected, hold down the trigger until the speed value is displayed on the screen.

Step 4: The default speed value set at the factory is 100%. To adjust this value downward, pull the trigger repeatedly until you reach your desired speed setting. Once you have selected the preferred value, hold down the trigger and wait for the device to emit a "BEEP" sound, indicating that the speed adjustment has been confirmed. Note that the minimum speed you can set is 40%.

Closing Notes

If you need to readjust the speed on your Automed device at any point, simply repeat the steps outlined above. This process allows you to modify the speed setting as needed to suit different medication delivery requirements.


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